Work day (ah, spring…)

 Got almost no writing/programming done today. The wife had a day off, and she likes to do yardwork on nice days (which today was).  I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, after I got back from grocery shopping, so there was half a day gone anyway. But that was nothing.  The Beautiful One won't be happy until we have a flower-lined sidewalk leading from the street to the house, so as soon as I got back from the doctor's, it was over to the local rental place to pick up a small rototiller.

I'd forgotten what a beast one of those things is. The smallest one we could find was a rear-tiller model.  Big mistake.  If the tines dig into the dirt, the machine starts clawing its way madly forward, causing the user to stretch out his arms and, inevitably, to push down on the handle, driving the tines even deeper into the dirt, and giving even more push to the runaway forward motion.

It wasn't too bad once I managed to cut through the turf. Except for the rocks.  I turned up two or three that were slightly smaller than nerf footballs, and one that I never did dig out, so I don't know how big it is.  Every one launched the rototiller into a mad leap forward. My chiropractor is going to be rich (or at least he would be if I went to chiropractors).

 Anyway, that was pretty much my whole day. I'm too wiped at this point to do much more than sit around.  Typing's not too bad, but I have to fight to stay awake.  I'm much too big a wimp to jump right into rototilling after a winter's worth of couch potatoing.

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Life is never easy

Well, the good news is that kissing Cingular goodbye turned out to be much less hassle than I expected.  They're not turning off our phone until the end of the billing cycle, which is six days from now, but on the plus side they didn't give me any big spiel about trying to sell me some other kind of service.  So that went well.

The bad news is that our freezer is acting up again: not freezing.  I tore it apart and found the cooling coils all frosted up again.  It's got to be either the thermostat or the defroster, I'm thinking, and the defroster is easier to reach, so I'm replacing the defroster.  The part was $36 from the GE web site, but with shipping and tax it was closer to $50 😦 by the time I got it shipped.  Now I have to cross my fingers and hope that replacing it will fix the problem!

If it doesn't, I have to explain why I wasted $50 on a part we didn't actually need.  Anybody know any good excuses?  😉

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New cell phones!

My wife and I each got new cell phones today. The old Cingular cells were showing their age, and I needed a newer flip phone so that I could carry it without accidentally pushing buttons.

(Did I ever mention the time I was sitting on my bed and I got a really weird call? I answered the phone beside the bed, but there was no one there. I could hear breathing, and somebody moving around, but no one was talking. I don’t talk, in case it’s a telemarketing machine, but this was clearly no machine. I could hear background noises, etc. Really spooky. Finally I realized that in reclining on my bed, I leaned on one of my speed-dial buttons. I’d called myself without knowing it!)

Anyway, we got a prepay plan from T-Mobile. If we pay $100, we get 1000 minutes that don’t expire for a whole year, which is probably plenty for as much as we use cell phones, and is cheaper than our current phone, even factoring in the cost of the new phones. We’re happy. 🙂

I may end up using this for my business phone once I get into the full-blown freelance business. If so, I think we may need a third phone for the kids to use. But they’re getting old enough that they can pay for their own minutes, so maybe that’s a good thing. For now, the wife and I are happy with our new service.

Now I have to call Cingular and say goodbye. Gulp.

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