Yeah, I’m a critter

I joined the critiques group at a while back. The idea is that you submit your stories to the queue, and other "critters" will volunteer to send you a written critique of your story. To be eligible to submit a critique, though, you have to be in "good standing," meaning the ratio of "critiques I've submitted" to "weeks I've been a member" has to be 75% or higher.

As a special incentive, each week the "critter" with the most critiques gets an award which entitles him/her to bump their story submission to the head of the line. It so happens I now have a story ready to submit, so I've been a crittin' fool today. I got about 10 critiques done, of which 7 or so are long enough to qualify for the competition. Past winners have had about 14 critiques or so, which means I'm about halfway there. I've got till next Tuesday, or thereabouts, so I'm optimistic. As a runner-up prize, people with 10 qualifying crits (or more) also get a "most productive critter" award, so I think I've got a good chance of seeing my crits soon.

First I need to revise that story and submit it, though.

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