Work day (ah, spring…)

 Got almost no writing/programming done today. The wife had a day off, and she likes to do yardwork on nice days (which today was).  I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, after I got back from grocery shopping, so there was half a day gone anyway. But that was nothing.  The Beautiful One won't be happy until we have a flower-lined sidewalk leading from the street to the house, so as soon as I got back from the doctor's, it was over to the local rental place to pick up a small rototiller.

I'd forgotten what a beast one of those things is. The smallest one we could find was a rear-tiller model.  Big mistake.  If the tines dig into the dirt, the machine starts clawing its way madly forward, causing the user to stretch out his arms and, inevitably, to push down on the handle, driving the tines even deeper into the dirt, and giving even more push to the runaway forward motion.

It wasn't too bad once I managed to cut through the turf. Except for the rocks.  I turned up two or three that were slightly smaller than nerf footballs, and one that I never did dig out, so I don't know how big it is.  Every one launched the rototiller into a mad leap forward. My chiropractor is going to be rich (or at least he would be if I went to chiropractors).

 Anyway, that was pretty much my whole day. I'm too wiped at this point to do much more than sit around.  Typing's not too bad, but I have to fight to stay awake.  I'm much too big a wimp to jump right into rototilling after a winter's worth of couch potatoing.

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