New cell phones!

My wife and I each got new cell phones today. The old Cingular cells were showing their age, and I needed a newer flip phone so that I could carry it without accidentally pushing buttons.

(Did I ever mention the time I was sitting on my bed and I got a really weird call? I answered the phone beside the bed, but there was no one there. I could hear breathing, and somebody moving around, but no one was talking. I don’t talk, in case it’s a telemarketing machine, but this was clearly no machine. I could hear background noises, etc. Really spooky. Finally I realized that in reclining on my bed, I leaned on one of my speed-dial buttons. I’d called myself without knowing it!)

Anyway, we got a prepay plan from T-Mobile. If we pay $100, we get 1000 minutes that don’t expire for a whole year, which is probably plenty for as much as we use cell phones, and is cheaper than our current phone, even factoring in the cost of the new phones. We’re happy. 🙂

I may end up using this for my business phone once I get into the full-blown freelance business. If so, I think we may need a third phone for the kids to use. But they’re getting old enough that they can pay for their own minutes, so maybe that’s a good thing. For now, the wife and I are happy with our new service.

Now I have to call Cingular and say goodbye. Gulp.

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