Conversion blues

I spent most of the day today (literally–I just now decided to bag it for the night) working on converting one of my current programming projects over to use my new Undo system. I was previously using an Undo toolkit I licensed from another programmer, but I felt like I needed a system with a little more flexibility than the licensed toolkit gave me. Plus my naturally independent spirit rebels a little at the admin overhead of having to re-register the toolkit every time I release a new app/version. So I rolled my own Undo framework.

It took me a while, but I finally got it working to my satisfaction in the demo I made for it, but this is the first time I've tried large-scale conversion from old Undo to new Undo in a major application. It definitely is shaking some bugs out.Well, not bugs exactly, but I'm seeing some design considerations in a new light. This is actually the second day I've spent trying to finish the conversion (though yesterday had several interruptions), and I'm pretty well woofed right now.

Tomorrow's going to be a mixed day again–need to do some yard work etc, so that's going to cut into my day. But I'll be thinking about the issues that came up today, and hopefully I'll have some solutions soon. I may to some (text) writing, too, just to give my brain a break.

 Now for some zzzzzz…

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